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When designing a website, always put your customer’s needs first. Web design and development in modern times goes beyond creating a site with an attractive appeal. If you want to survive in the current competitive market, you have to consider a few factors in designing a winning website, among which are user experience, technical details, search engine optimization and ease of use.

With our extensive range of efficient services, our team will enable your business to expand. Among the services we provide to enhance business growth are innovative branding solutions to ensure that your business gets its unique personality, promoting solutions customized to turn your company into a
profitable one, as well as WordPress websites and e-commerce solutions designed to make your platform more user-friendly and responsive.

So, regardless of how you want to transform your business through online services, whether you prefer a simple WordPress website or a complex e-commerce website, we can deliver all you need through our web development team. We can help you revolutionize your business and actualize your vision.

If you need web development services in Kurseong, we have expert consultants who extend their expertise through our consulting services. Whenever you need help to create mobile-friendly web designs, responsive web-based solutions, and build tailor-made e-commerce and intranet experiences with the help of the latest and proven web technologies, we are always ready to offer assistance.

Customers nowadays base their purchasing decisions on the experience they get upon visiting a website. Up to 85% of consumers visit a service provider’s site before deciding to buy a product from them. With this in mind, your website’s appearance, accessibility, and usability need to be topnotch to beat the competition.

We are a full serviced website development firm offering a wide range of services all of which are highly qualified and experienced web development consultants in Kurseong deliver. Some of the services include integration, 24/7 support, and maintenance, migrations, development, design, and strategy.

Web Design & Development Process

1. Checking your goals

We want your website to be unique therefore we first understand the objectives you want to achieve with your site. By gaining an insight into company brand, identity and goals, we can go ahead to determine the proper course of action.

2.Create a plan

Once we know the goals from our initial meeting, we will create your web development project in which we will include the timeframe, milestones, budget and any other thing we will need from you.

3. Wireframes and Mockups

You can start visualizing how your website will look like through the drafts that our team creates. Our design team creates each design with your goal in mind so that we can help you grow your business.

4. Web development

We will continue with the drafts until we come up with what you approve of after which we use the final mockup to begin coding your website.

5. Quality assurance

We uphold quality in our services therefore before we can launch your new site; we have to ensure that it is indeed a success by double-checking all the technical details.

6. Website launch

Once we are sure that we have come up with a successful website, we launch it so that the rest of the world can see and use it, for the benefit of your business.

Let’s Clear All Your Doubts!

To what extent will it take for my site to be designed?

The time it takes to design a site relies upon the multifaceted nature of the website. On the off chance that you have a deadline, we will endeavor to meet it. The most well-known reason for the delay is the content (text/pictures) from the client.

How much will a website cost me?

The expense of a website varies depending upon its multifaceted nature. We are glad to talk about your necessities and provide a quote at any time.

When my website design is finished, what after-sales service do you offer?

We completely support any website we design and are constantly accessible should you experience any issues or require new upgrades. Moonglan likewise offers website hosting and maintenance.

What photographs, designs, and fonts would it be advisable for me to use for my new website?

It would be ideal if you give all content, photographs, and graphics in electronic form, for example, the output from a digital camera, Microsoft Word or a digital scanner. On the off chance that this is not possible, we can help prepare your data for the website.

Will my website design be search engine optimized?

Every one of our websites is made given search engines, and all designs are compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your site to be reevaluated occasionally as web crawlers do modify their standards and algorithms. This will guarantee that your site is exceptional and agreeable with new principles.

Would I be able to register a domain name through Moonglan?

Indeed. Moonglan offers domain name registration. You can search for available names and submit registration data through our domain registration page. You don’t need to buy website design or Web hosting services from us to utilize this service; however, we trust you will need to utilize Moonglan for all your site needs!

Do you update existing websites?

Indeed. We can upgrade existing websites and hold your company’s style or give you a new look. Moonglan likewise can give a free website assessment. We will give you how your webpage can take advantage of the most recent Web technologies.

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