Top 10 Actionable Strategies for SEO in 2020

Top 10 Actionable Strategies for SEO in 2020

Top 10 Actionable Strategies for SEO in 2020

Table of content:

  1. SEO Auditing of your Website
  2. Pick the Right Keywords
  3. Upload Great Content
  4. Make your Website Mobile-Friendly
  5. Create Backlinks
  6. Get your SSL Certificate
  7. Use Schema Markups
  8. SEO Optimized URLs
  9. Keep Tabs on Your Progress
  10. Get Listed!

Nothing pushes fear into the core of an entrepreneur very like the expression “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO strategy. It’s a confusing procedure with a ton of interconnected parts. So your mind must be blowing up with questions. In any case, we additionally have an answer.

Search engine optimization methodologies can appear to be a totally remote idea. It’s easy to fall into the snare of disregarding your SEO methodologies and concentrating completely on more surface-level marketing strategies. Notwithstanding, an extensive and careful SEO technique can frequently represent the success or failure of your business’ online presence.

How might you be certain that your clients can discover your business on the web when they need to?

What is the most ideal approach to stand apart among the entirety of your competitors on the web?

The response to these inquiries is basic: guarantee that your SEO strategy contains these 10 actionable strategies. What’s more, you ought to be seeing an increase in new clients in a matter of time!

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1. SEO Auditing of your Website

First of all, you have to know where you stand. It’s hard to gauge improvement in SEO rankings when you have no clue where you were beginning!


Auditing your site is a significant component in building up your SEO strategy since it sets up a benchmark understanding and effectively recognizes where you have the opportunity to get better.

An audit can disclose to you a ton about your SEO standings. It can assist you with understanding:

  • Whether or not your web design is user-friendly, easy to explore, and reliable
  • If there are any issues that are making your website load slowly

It can likewise twofold check:

  • That your links are working accurately and sending clients to the right destination site
  • Your execution in search engine result pages (SERPs) for your selected keywords
  • If your site content is optimized to guarantee better conversions
  • Consider a site audit to resemble a report card on your SEO strategy. Giving you what you are progressing nicely and what areas you can enhance. Utilizing this guide, you can without much of a stretch make SEO strategies that will set your business up for progress.

2. Pick the Right Keywords

picking up the right keywords

Keywords sound confounded, however, they don’t need to be! They are basically the words and phrases that clients (and potential customers) use to search for service or product online.
By working these keywords into your SEO techniques and site content, you make it simpler for the search engines to discover your website. They at that point convey your business data to the searcher – ideally on page one of the search results!
While selecting keywords for your SEO methodologies, they should be chosen dependent on:

  • Relevance
  • Demand
  • Competition

It’s significant to select keywords that your potential clients will really be looking for. You need to target words with lower competition. Along these lines, you’ll have the option to accomplish a top-ranking position quicker and all the more effectively.

To accomplish this, you ought to make certain to incorporate a blend of local keywords, long-tail keywords, and short-tail keywords.
Local keywords are utilized to assist clients with discovering you locally by deciding to target phrases, for example, “close to me” or incorporate your location(s) in your keyword strategy.

Long-tail keywords are 3 to 5-word search queries. While short-tail keywords are less explicit keywords, for the most part only single word. These short-tail keywords, for the most part, have a higher search rate yet, in addition, a lot higher rate of competition.

You ought to likewise consider utilizing keywords that are enhanced for voice search queries. Studies have indicated that there is a ceaseless increment in the number of searchers who favor utilizing voice assistants than the typical composing. What’s more, since the manner in which individuals type and talk varies, the keywords utilized for voice searches also differ.

For example, while one may type “cheap burger restaurants” while looking, this will in all likelihood change into “what are the cheapest burger restaurants close to me?” when utilizing voice assistants. See the distinction?

Voice searches are regularly made out of long-tail keywords in a question format utilizing common language.

3. Upload Great Content


Great SEO methodologies are based on the bedrock of incredible content and completely improved on-page SEO. Site content, for example, blogs, ought to contain the keywords that your clients might be looking for.

In any case, it is additionally significant that the content offers some benefit by:

  • Educating site visitors regarding a matter
  • Providing answers to an inquiry they might be posing
  • Providing answers for an issue they might be encountering
  • Giving them additional data about service or product

Content is phenomenal for improving your SEO methodology. What’s more, it’s additionally an incredible asset when your content is intriguing and effectively shareable via social media. Make your content attractive and engaging, and your audience will wrap up!

4. Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

is your website still mobile friendly?

In any case, smartphones are digging in for the long haul! Studies show that the quantity of smartphone users is anticipated to surpass 4.7 billion in 2020.

So is your site well optimized for mobile? If not, it’s most likely in light of the fact that you didn’t think it was fundamental. Reconsider.

Think about the way that the greater part of all worldwide web traffic is ascribed to mobile phones. It appears to be stupid to disregard the mobile responsiveness of your site presently, isn’t that right?

Google has made changes to its algorithm to organize mobile-friendly search results. So as to make an SEO procedure that considers your site ought to have the following:

  • Quick mobile response times
  • Text designed to acclimate to smaller screens
  • Images that don’t hinder the responsiveness of your site

On the off chance that your site has the additional accommodation, at that point, it will be viewed as mobile-friendly by Google. Therefore, ranking your site over all others who don’t adhere to mobile-friendliness is a great advantage.


A backlink is an interactive link that lives on a site and points to another site. At the point when a source that is dependable (as indicated by Google algorithm) links to your site, it increases your authority and can effectively affect your SERP ranking.

Essentially, when you include links to your site and in your content that points back to dependable outside sources important to your content, your SEO strategy likewise benefits.

Some portion of your SEO technique ought to incorporate connecting with authoritative websites and cooperating to make commonly valuable backlinks. This will improve your search engine rankings and direct people to your website and business.

You ought to likewise make certain to perform a site crawl all the time to guarantee that your site is totally free from broken links that may hurt your SEO ranking and reliability.

6. Get your SSL Certificate

Get your SSL Certificate

There’s no uncertainty about it – clients are more stressed than any other time in recent memory about cybersecurity. It appears as though consistently there is a new headline shouting that another business has been hacked and the entirety of their information was undermined.

It’s no big surprise why clients are very reluctant to visit a site that doesn’t appear to be secure. Google and its competitors have paid heed. So they are penalizing the SERP rankings of websites that don’t find a way to guarantee that their clients are ensured.

For entrepreneurs, this implies an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate is a can’t-miss step in any SEO system.

It is particularly a significant step for any business that gathers sensitive information on the web, for example, passwords and credit card data.

Advantages of SSL:

  • Adds to the reliability of your site
  • Signals to web crawlers and clients the same that your site is authentic
  • Gives you and your clients genuine feelings of serenity realizing that data won’t effectively fall under the control of somebody who shouldn’t have access to it

7. Use Schema Markups

Use Schema Markups

One of the most dominant approaches to improve your site for search engines is through schema markups! Schema markup is basically a code introduced on your site which permits search engines to discover and convey the most significant data to clients through search results.

It conveys the search engines what data is the most significant for clients to know initially, and afterward, that data is shown directly on the search result.

In the event that you’ve at any point searched online for an item, at that point you realize the decisions can be overwhelming!

Is it accurate to say that it isn’t useful when you’re ready to see the fundamental data you need directly on the SERP? Without clicking on twelve distinctive web pages to discover what you were searching for!

Envision the competitive edge you’ll have over your competition if your clients know from the minute they see the business name that you have precisely what they need!

8. SEO Optimized URLs

Your URL may appear to be a basic, inconsequential factor in your SEO technique. However, there’s a great deal of data put away in such a limited quantity of characters.

A URL that is too long contains huge amounts of irregular letters and numbers, or appears to be suspicious in any capacity won’t just hurt your SERP rating. But, it may likewise discourage potential clients from visiting your site.

Most importantly, your URL ought to be easy to read, plus it should give the reader a thought of what substance to expect on the page.

Forget about the weird characters and long series of numbers that don’t fill any need for the reader.

It’s additionally an incredible SEO practice to fuse your target keywords into your URLs any place it bodes well. Nonetheless, toning it down would be ideal – don’t attempt to stuff each and every keyword into a URL. Nasty URL’s are similarly as terrible as silly ones.

With regards to formatting, keep the URL short and sweet. Utilizing 50-60 characters in the perfect length conveys enough data without overwhelming the reader. What’s more, for clarity, hyphens are superior to underscores for separating words.

9. Keep Tabs on Your Progress

There’s no reason for setting aside the effort to chip away at your SEO strategy on the off chance that you aren’t likewise keeping tabs on your progress! Indeed, even the best-made arrangements can go off the rails on the off chance that you quit focusing.

So as to improve your SEO procedures, a periodical, steady progress report is a need.

There are many tools out there to assist you in observing the accomplishment of your SEO endeavors. These sorts of tools enable you to:

  • Follow the improvement of your search engine ranking for different keywords
  • See increments and decreases in web traffic
  • Check how your web presence has the right stuff against the competition
  • Show what sorts of content are performing best so you can keep on building up that content strategy

Nitty-gritty analytics, for example, these are fundamental in helping you to keep improving your SEO strategy. What’s more, to assist you with identifying and comprehend issues just as limit costly mistakes in the near future.

An SEO strategy is a regularly evolving landscape, with new strategies and tools being made constantly, as opposed to considering SEO a one-time assignment to confirm your plan for the day. Consider it a regular part of your general marketing endeavors. The entirety of your hard work will pay off on the off chance that you are eager to increase the time and vitality required.

A good SEO methodology is something beyond keywords! These components are a significant part of a far-reaching system. Deciding to disregard at least one might be tremendous prevention to the entirety of your different endeavors.

10. Get Listed!

Company listings on local, national and niche directory sites let Google and your prospects realize where to discover you. Predictable, definitive, and exceptional citations make more exposure for your business and improve Google rankings.

Are you doing business locally? SEO is fundamental for local businesses. Google serves results diversely relying upon your location. With the strong development of mobile engagement, getting discovered means mobile searchers become your purchasers. To emphatically influence Google rankings directly in your neighborhood, there are various essential steps you can take to outrank your local competitors.

Initial step: Ensure your Google My Business profile is fully completed. Don’t simply present the minimum; make the most of the considerable number of chances to promote your business through this profile. Google is searching for pictures, long stretches of activity, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Set aside the effort to complete this!

Quick Tip: Create a local landing page for each physical area for your company. Make sure to improve the page with your city, state and zip/postal code.

Propelled strategy: Quality directory listings affect your score and there are numerous quality directories sitting tight for your submission. Look at tools like BrightLocal and Yext to get recorded on several suggested directories at an affordable cost.

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