How Digital Marketing Is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing

How Digital Marketing Is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing

How Digital Marketing Is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing

Summary: Marketers are shifting budgets from traditional marketing to digital marketing because they have now realized the fact that they have to be where their customers are!

Traditional marketing v/s digital marketing

Traditional marketing or digital marketing – which one should you opt for? This is a million dollar question that most corporates face when devising their marketing strategy.

Let us look at a few statistics which will help us in answering this question: –

  • Internet usage in India is rising aggressively due to the mobile phone revolution. As a result, India will have over 500 million mobile internet users by the end of 2017.
  • Figuratively speaking, there are approximately 96 crore citizens without access to the internet. In rural India, where one-third of the population of India lives, most of the people are yet to become a part of digital India. Thus, there is a very lucrative opportunity for internet penetration in the coming decade.

Marketers can easily enrapture the imagination of this new set of growing number of internet users with the help of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is cost-efficient

As far as investment in digital marketing goes, we do invest on paid mediums like Google ads and Facebook ads, but the cost is still much cheaper than investing in traditional marketing tools like television and radio ads.

In fact, the price of newspaper advertisements can fill up a company’s entire marketing budget and can differ substantially depending on the region and newspaper the ad appears in.

Moreover, in this digital age when one has the option of checking out latest online content on laptop computers, netbooks, smart-phones and iPads, decreasing circulation numbers of newspapers throughout the country jeopardizes the reach of your ad campaign.

In comparison, online marketing plans offered by professional digital marketing companies can prove to be extremely cost effective and have the potential to reach an unlimited number of consumers.

Consider the following average costs for digital marketing:

  • Google Ads: $1-2 per click
  • Facebook Ads: $1 per click
  • Non-profit websites: Once built, hosting costs as little as $10 per month
  • Blogs: Free
  • Regular posts on social media platforms: Free
  • Email newsletters: Free

Blogs, posting on social media platforms and Email newsletters are free of cost. All they require is your time and a little effort. Thus, as you can see, it’s extremely hard for traditional marketing tools to beat that kind of pricing.

Traditional media to digital media

Digital marketing is simply too powerful and extremely cost-effective to ignore. Slowly and gradually, marketing budget of corporates is shifting to digital media from traditional media and this trend will continue to grow in the next decade.

Cheers! have a great day.

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