Brands investing heavily in Digital marketing

Attractive brand advertisement

 Brands investing heavily in Digital marketing

Attractive brand advertisement generates interest in your target audience with compelling content, and the dollars will follow.

India is breathing digital marketing

On social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – you will often find an attractive brand advertisement placed among the posts.

Nowadays, brands are investing heavily in putting up such paid ads in your social media feeds. They are on various social media platforms, e-mails and are slowly increasing their presence significantly.

Let us check out brands that are investing heavily in digital marketing –

1. Zappos

Zappos, a market leader in online shoe commerce, has an amazing digital strategy.

The Zappos doesn’t need to work hard to market its online business. Its policies are so attractive that shoppers are ready to sing the company’s praises to each other in an organic and viral fashion.

Nonetheless, Zappos does invest heavily in digital marketing, and its social media campaigns are really good. They focus on the customer’s needs, and not on what they want the customer to want or need. This is a vital part of any effective digital strategy. You should always listen to your audience and plan accordingly.

2. American Express (AMEX)

Plenty of companies shout from the top of rooftops about “the communities” they’re creating online and the inherent value of “online conversation.”.  However, very few actually practice what they preach.

American Express’s digital marketing strategy is far from being “all talk and no game”.

American Express actually puts its money where its mouth is by capitalizing on the value provided by industry experts on its Open Forum website.

Open Forum is a collaborative website, on which American Express regularly invites guest authors from a wide array of sectors :

  1. to share their views,
  2. opinions,
  3. business knowledge and wisdom.

The result is a content-rich mega-site that’s hugely popular with all the premium search engines. The added benefit is that all this is created without American Express need to sell out lots of cash to content contributors.

3. Mint

Entering the crowded personal finance niche is a formidable task for any new startup, but the approach that financial tracking tool Mint took proves that it is definitely possible to stand out in a crowd through well-planned and well-executed digital marketing strategies.

Mint executed a flawless and an effective digital marketing strategy by publishing thousands of high-quality content pieces – right from informative blog posts to attention-grabbing info-graphics to exponentially grow their business.

As a result of Mint’s commendable digital marketing efforts, it gained a massive online following before being sold to Intuit for a whopping $170 million.

Engage with your customers

Digital marketing can be a very useful and profitable way to creatively engage with your customers. To let them know about who you are and what your product does.

By conversing with your customer you can create a compelling brand story that you want to resonate with your target customers.

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