10 Actionable Strategies for Google My Business in 2020

10 Actionable Strategies for Google My Business in 2020

10 Actionable Strategies for Google My Business in 2020

Table of content:

  1. Include High-Quality Photos and Videos
  2. Create Posts to Promote Daily Events at your Company
  3. Set up a booking reservation link or button
  4. Get your working hours right
  5. Deal with your Reviews
  6. Use Google Q&A to address customers’ inquiries
  7. Activate Messaging to have Constant Discussions
  8. Download Google My Business Mobile application
  9. Set your Service area
  10. Customize your Social Media profiles
  11. Conclusion

It is a progressive feature of Google. Google My Business empowers entrepreneurs to list and oversee data for their business online. It assists individuals with finding any services or places close to their area.

With Google map business, you can easily get data about any company or service provider, including its

  • Location
  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Working Hours

As an incentive, the company reputation is likewise for all to see through its Service and Product Review.

Simply put,

Google allows entrepreneurs to set up a short profile of their company on Google to show their business information to prospective customers/customers.

Here are 10 actionable strategies to optimize your GMB profile.

1. Include High-Quality Photos and Videos

Images and videos increase the appeal of your Google My Business Listing and give individuals a sign of what’s in store. You can add these by setting off to the Home and clicking on the “+” sign. Make sure to follow Google’s suggested dimensions while uploading, which are as per the following:


  1. Type: PNG or JPG
  2. File size: Between 10 KB and 5 MB
  3. Resolution: Minimum 720 PX wide, 720 PX tall
  4. Quality: Realistic, sufficiently bright, and without filters


  1. File size: Less than 100 MB
  2. Length: Up to 30 seconds
  3. Resolution: 720p or above

While you upload photos, you’ll notice that there are numerous categories to browse, including Exterior, Interior, Menu, Products, and so on. Make a point to include relevant images in each segment to give people a detailed overview of your offerings.

You can likewise make a 360-virtual tour of your company by including 360-degree images. This should be possible with the assistance of the Google Street View app that is accessible for both iOS and Android handsets. The option is to purchase a particular camera, similar to the Gear 360 from Samsung, or hire a professional photographer.

Google says that companies with photos on their listings get 45 percent more requests for driving headings than companies without photos, so don’t pass up this opportunity to bring more individuals to your company.

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2. Create Posts to Promote Daily Events at your Company

Create Posts to Promote Daily Events at your Company

Did you realize that it’s currently possible to have your content shown in your Google My Business card?

In 2017, Google released “Posts” for GMB customers, which enables entrepreneurs to make several types of content to show in their Google My Business listing, including company news, articles, product promotion, upcoming occasions, and limited-time offers.

Truly, you can post anything you desire benefactors to think about your specials and the occasions you want to have.

For instance, you can make a post for a 3-day food tasting event to draw the attention of potential visitors. The Posts highlight will likewise let you include a photo for the occasion, just as define a beginning and end date for it.

Customers can read the whole post, and they can likewise share it with their friends directly from Google. Content can be distributed on the go utilizing the Google My Business site or Android and iOS applications.

Set up a booking reservation link or button

Google My Business likewise has the option to include a reservation link inside the knowledge panel, which any business can do individually through the URLs area of the tool.

The link will coordinate potential customers looking for your business to your booking widget or website.

It might even be feasible for you to incorporate a Google reservation button in your listing in case you’re utilizing a restaurant reservation framework. Additionally alluded to as Reserve with Google, the button lets individuals reserve a table spot from the listing directly, without expecting them to load a restaurant’s website or booking widget.

Restaurant booking apps like Eat App has collaborated with Google to acquire this feature to different eateries in the market. Utilizing this framework will empower you to add an immediate booking connection to your Google My Business listing.

Furthermore, because Reserve with Google directly associates with your booking tables, it guarantees that visitors are possibly permitted to reserve a spot when there are free tables accessible. Also, it will auto-recommend various dates when your tables are completely reserved.

Including a booking link or button to your listing is essential for a variety of reasons. On the off chance that your site is still under development, individuals can be coordinated to your GMB profile since they’ll get every one of the subtleties they need from your listing. Additionally, highlights that are coordinated into these links and buttons help prevent double bookings and no-shows.

4. Get your working hours right

Get your working hours right

The significance of getting your working hours right is an easy decision. There’s nothing more baffling for a customer than setting out on a long journey to arrive at where your company is found, just to find that it is shut. It can impact customer loyalty and may even prompt bad reviews.

To prevent any hiccups, ensure your normal business hours are precisely recorded on your Google My Business profile. Likewise, make a point to utilize the “special hours” feature for any public holidays in the coming days.

Maybe you’re a supermarket that will open for five days per week rather than seven during the Christmas season, or a QSR that wants to remain functional day in and day out during the holiday seasons. Utilize the special hour’s feature to tell individuals when they can drop in.

5. Deal with your Reviews

Deal with your Reviews

With regards to impacting the buying choices of potential customers, reviews are vital. Did different customers have a positive experience with that café? How likely will their opinion define our desires? Those who’re affected by reviews will have these questions in their minds. It’s, in this way, fundamental that you adopt a proactive strategy for dealing with your Google My Business reviews.

Reacting to negative reviews is a good place to begin. Regardless of whether a customer was disappointed with your service or a product, don’t disregard their opinion. Apologize for giving a shoddy experience, request them for detailed feedback, and offer to make things right.

At the point when you consistently respond to reviews, you furnish customers with proof of your legitimacy and compassion. Likewise, you allow your listing to win a “Local Pack” status in Google search results.

For instance, if you search for the “best cafés in New York” on Google, the Local Pack shows the name of three cafés that you may find sufficiently interesting to look at.

Interesting is that this section shows up on the top of search engine results. So getting your company highlighted in the Local Pack can produce a bunch of leads and customers for your business.

We should not overlook, everything starts with dealing with your GMB reviews, so don’t waste time whenever reacting to negative remarks. Other than that, encourage individuals who’re happy with your company to leave a positive review of your business.

6. Use Google Q&A to address customers’ inquiries

Use Google Q&A to address customers' inquiries

You may not know this; however, your Google My Business listing has a Question and Answers area called Google Q&A. This works likewise as the “Ask the Community” highlight on Yelp, giving customers the capacity to pose questions and find answers legitimately from your GMB card.

The interesting part of this feature is that anybody can offer a response to customers’ inquiries. It doesn’t need to be an entrepreneur. In any case, it’s ideal on the off chance that you answer the greater part of these inquiries because nobody realizes your business better than you.

Questions and Answers can be seen in GMB listings on both mobile and desktop browsers through Google search and on the Google Maps application for Android handsets.

On the off chance that nobody has posted an inquiry, don’t hesitate to populate Google Q&A with the most often posed questions from your company’s site. The best procedure is to treat it like your very own FAQ where you share all the information you need individuals to think about your business.

7. Activate Messaging to have Constant Discussions

Activate Messaging to have Constant Discussions

The messaging feature in Google My Business enables individuals to message you directly from your listing. On the off chance that you have the capacity and staff to promptly respond to a customer’s request, this is a perfect element for your company. Ongoing correspondence can upgrade a customer’s understanding, particularly if they would prefer not to make a telephone call and chatting is their favoured technique for correspondence.

It’s just a button that a customer needs to tap to start a chat with the business.

You have the option to activate and deactivate this feature. I suggest keeping it enabled during business days and switch it off when nobody is at the customer service desk.

The person who responds on behalf of a business (regardless of whether it’s the proprietor or a customer service representative) will show their Google avatar photo and complete name to the customer. Make a point to answer the messages you get the same-day, as Google investigates your normal reaction time and shares it with customers.

Entrepreneurs can likewise set up a custom message of up to 120 characters to welcome the customer. You can convey something like “Thanks for getting in touch with us! If you don’t mind permit us a couple of moments to hit you up. Meanwhile checkout our recent products”

8. Download the Google My Business Mobile application

Download the Google My Business Mobile application

Making this stride will make it easier to respond to individuals, post articles and add visuals to your Google My Business listing. Additionally, the Messaging feature talked about in the last point can be activated by a mobile device. You’ll have the option to see all of your customers’ messages in a single spot from the “Customers” tab inside the application.

You can even make custom notices, so you can get alerted over activities that matter the most for your listing. The application can send notifications for posts, product updates, and the health of the listing, appointments, customer reviews, payments, and insights. In case you’re once in a while at your seat and consistently in a hurry, you can utilize the GMB application to keep things flowing. It’s accessible for both iOS and Android gadgets.

9. Set your Service area

Set your Service area

If your company is offering a delivery service to customers living in specific localities, you can list those spots as your “service areas” on your Google My Business profile. By doing this you enable customers to realize where deliveries are possible.

You can define a service area dependent on the urban areas, districts, and even postal/zip codes you cover. There’s no compelling reason to set a radius around your establishment. Additionally, these settings can be adjusted as required – so there’s no compelling reason to worry about being locked in a specific area.

10. Customize your Social Media profiles

You may not know that a GMB listing can likewise display your other social media profiles. This can furnish you with genuine visibility advantages should customers choose to look at you on Facebook, Instagram, and other places.

Ensure the company name referenced on your social media profiles is same as the one on your GMB profile

Where any of your profile requires confirmation, make a point to finish the procedure.

Include structured social profile markup to your company website to tell Google, which profiles you’d like GMB to show.

To capitalize on the individuals who come from your Google My Business listing to your social media pages, try to greet and engage with them. With hard work and consistency, you might have the option to build a flourishing network that produces word-of-mouth referrals for your company.


When you’ve made a Google My Business listing, make certain to exploit these highlights. You need to be easy to discover when somebody is searching for your company, and an upgraded GMB card is the most ideal approach to get before potential customers by then. Download the Google My Business mobile application and you’ll have the option to make most of these optimizations on the go.

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